July Villegas has taken social media by storm with her charm. - UK Reporter

July Villegas has taken social media by storm with her charm.

This American model from Houston, United States goes by her online identity ‘July’ who has set hearts flutter with her magnetic personality.

It takes much more than just good looks to be a successful model. One needs to have loads of confidence along with being strong headed and focused to conquer the fiercely competitive industry. The glamour and glitz of the modelling world attracts a lot of people towards it and many enter this industry in large numbers, but only a few survive the tough times and get themselves established as a successful model. July Villegas is one such name around the space who has carved her own niche and is racing ahead of all with her strong presence which never fails to turn heads around.

July says that modelling is a challenging field and one must work hard and stand out from the crowd in order to embrace a successful career. Today, she has paved her way into the big world of modelling, but her journey has not been any lesser than a roller coaster ride. She was born and raised in Houston and started off with social media, posting her pictures which caught the fancy of netizens. Instagram was abuzz with her pictures which drew a lot of attention and she was a social media star in no time.

When asked about what made her choose this field which is fiercely competitive, she says, “I was always drawn towards modelling since my early days and wanted to make my mark in this zone since the time I remember. I always knew I was destined to be here and worked hard towards achieving my dreams.” She indeed accomplished what she desired as today she has a humongous following of more than 350,000 on Instagram, which makes her extremely popular. Furthermore, she has worked with some of the biggest brands like Fashion Nova and Dollskill. She says that being a young model and beauty guru in today’s world is complicated. Many young girls aspire to work as models influencers or blogger, but being successful in that space is indeed a task which is tough and one needs to be focussed to secure their position which is close to glory.

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