Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, will visit to Gujarat.

Boris Johnson

Officially! Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is slated to visit India, starting in Gujarat, the Indian Prime Minister’s home state.
The British PM will arrive in Gujarat on Thursday, April 21, according to a statement issued by the British High Commission on Sunday.

There will be talks about the UK-India commercial, trade and people links. As the fifth largest state in India, Gujarat is the ancestral home of over half of the British-Indian community in the UK.
“The Prime Minister is expected to announce significant investment in important industries in both the UK and India in Gujarat,” according to the statement.

A deal with India is expected to improve our total trade by up to £28 billion annually by 2035, and raise salaries by up to £3 billion across the UK.
“As autocratic governments threaten our peace and prosperity, it is imperative that democracies and friends remain together,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said ahead of the visit. In these uncertain times, India is a vital strategic partner for the UK.

He noted that his visit to India will focus on issues such as job creation, economic growth, energy security, and national security.
On Friday, the PM will meet PM Modi in New Delhi. The leaders will discuss the UK-India strategic defence, diplomatic, and economic alliance, as well as security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
Post-Brexit trade potential with India’s booming economy will lower commodity prices for consumers, expand UK business opportunities in green tech and services, and create high-wage jobs.
Indian companies now support 95,000 employment in the UK, and further announcements and a free trade pact are expected to increase this number.

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