Landmark Defence & Security Deals Between UK & Japan Signed In London

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The UK and Japan are prepared to boost defence and security ties as the allies prepare to sign significant agreements in London today, May 5. In punishment for Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine, the two nations would agree to “maximum pressure” on his dictatorship. They are closest security allies in Asia and Europe.

The RAF fly-past will honour Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s first visit to Britain as a ‘Guest of Government’. Allied relations in the Indo-Pacific will be strengthened by a new defence deal. To assist reduce dependency on Russian energy imports, the UK and Japan should agree on cooperative action.

During the meeting, Johnson is expected to announce a new trade envoy to Japan. Britain will also ease its ban on Fukushima food imports. A Reciprocal Access Agreement would allow Japanese and British military forces to “work, exercise, and operate together”, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific and ensuring global peace and security. It would be Tokyo’s first such deal with a European country.

The UK and Japanese Armed Forces will deploy together and train, undertake combined exercises and disaster response activities. The two countries’ defence ministries will work closely on projects including the Future Combat Air System. As part of the official welcome, Boris Johnson and Fumio Kishida will watch a Royal Air Force flypast and examine a Guard of Honour.

The UK and Japan will agree to expand collaboration under the UK’s Clean Green Initiative, allowing Asian countries to explore renewable energy sources and provide alternatives to Russian oil and gas. The two will announce stronger trade and investment relations. Japanese companies invest billions of pounds in UK infrastructure projects including wind farms and high speed rail. The visit coincides with the UK’s entry to the CPTPP, a $11trn Indo-Pacific trade bloc. Japan chairs the UK CPTPP accession working group.

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