UK university student has stomach pain while using the toilet and gives birth to a baby

UK university student gives birth to a baby
UK university student gives birth to a baby

A girl at a university in the UK was very surprised when she went to the bathroom before going out for the night and gave birth instead. Jess Davis had just turned 20 the day before she gave birth unexpectedly. She didn’t know she was pregnant because she thought the stomach pains she was having were from her period.
The Independent says that Ms. Davis is a student of history and politics from the city of Bristol. She is in her second year at the University of Southampton, where she is a student. She didn’t look like she was pregnant, and she didn’t have any outward signs of being pregnant, like a baby bump. She said that her periods had always been irregular, which is why she hadn’t noticed she hadn’t had one in a while.

The young woman, who is now 20 years old and had her first child on June 11, 2018, is getting used to her new role as a mother. He weighed about 3 kilogrammes. The new mother said that the moment she gave birth to her son was the most terrifying moment of her life.

Ms. Davis said, “I didn’t know what had happened until I heard him cry.” “Before that, I didn’t know what had happened.” She went on, “I suddenly realised that I really do need to grow up. It took me a while to get over the first shock, get used to the situation, and connect with him, but now I couldn’t be happier.”

“He’s like a baby version of the word “cool.” Everyone on the ward calls him “the calm baby.” “— I quote her.

The Independent also reported that Ms. Davis said that when she woke up in June 2022 in terrible pain, she thought it must have been the start of her period. She was so weak that she could barely move and couldn’t even lie down on her bed.

“I tried to feel better by taking a shower and a bath, but the pain just got worse and worse,” she said. “I was supposed to have a birthday party at home that night, but I didn’t feel well, so I took a shower and a bath to try to feel better.”

The 20-year-old woman says she had to go to the bathroom right away and badly, so she sat down and started to push when she got there. I never considered for a second that I was giving birth, she claimed, and she was quite correct. She said, “But there was a time when I thought I was crying but didn’t know why.”

“I had no doubts about the necessity of releasing everything. It was such a strange thing to see him cry and then figure out what had happened.”

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Ms. Davis was home alone and didn’t know what to do, so she finally called Liv King, her best friend. When Ms. Davis showed Ms. King a picture of her new baby, Ms. King told her to call an ambulance. Even though she thought at first that her friend was making up a big lie to get out of going out that night, Ms. King told her to do it anyway.

The source says that Ms. Davis was taken to Princess Anne Hospital, where the baby was quickly taken away and put in an incubator. The doctors think he came into the world after 35 weeks of being in the womb. Doctors say that both the mother and the baby are making good progress in their recoveries right now.

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