Italian leader posted a rape video of a Ukrainian woman on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Twitter took down a video of a Ukrainian woman being raped by an immigrant in an Italian city. The video was posted by far-right politician Giorgia Meloni, who is in the lead to become Italy’s next prime minister.

Late on Sunday, Meloni tweeted a hazy video that had been posted on a newspaper’s website. She said she couldn’t stay quiet about “this atrocious act of sexual violence” and couldn’t stay quiet.

Meloni’s political opponents and people who care about human rights said that by posting the video without the victim’s permission, she added to the victim’s pain. They all condemned the post.

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The post was taken down Tuesday morning, and a Twitter comment was put in its place. This Tweet broke the rules of Twitter.

Meloni didn’t answer right away.

Meloni wrote on Twitter on Monday that the video was put out “to show solidarity with the victim, to condemn what happened, and of course to demand justice.”

Authorities in the northern city of Piacenza say that an asylum seeker from Guinea attacked a Ukrainian woman in her 50s early on Sunday morning. The police said that the man was held while the investigation went on, and they also confirmed that he had been arrested.

Someone who lived in an apartment with a view of the street took a video of the event. The blurry photos of the victim that were later put online made it impossible to figure out who she was, but her cries could be heard clearly on the audio.

Italian authorities said they were looking into why the video was made public.

Piacenza’s prosecutor, Grazia Pradella, said, “The spread of videos showing the crime in the media is being thoroughly looked into.”

The government agency in charge of protecting personal information said it was also looking into “possible responsibilities on the part of the people who have (posted) it for different reasons and for different purposes.”

Before the September 25 national election, Meloni and her right-leaning allies are expected to get the most votes and take power. Meloni will be the first woman to be prime minister of Italy if her party, Brothers of Italy, gets the most votes in the legislature.

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